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Dobermann & Dog Obedience Club

Training Times


Club Rules



About Us

The DDOC Inc. is an Incorporated Association run by volunteers, originally formed in 1982.

The aims of the Club are:

  • To promote responsible dog ownership.
  • To provide a safe, controlled environment for socialising our dogs.
  • To help people train their dogs to follow basic obedience commands.
  • Fellowship with like-minded dog owners.

Training sessions are held on Sunday mornings, subject to weather conditions, with the exception of long weekends and during December/January when we break for the holiday period.

All dogs should be vaccinated.

Further information is available on joining.

Training Times

All levels

  • First session                10.00-10.30
  • Coffee break               10.30-11.00
  • Second session          11.00-11.30


First week is free

Family membership                         $80.00 p.a.

Single membership                          $75.00 p.a.

Junior membership                         $50.00 p.a.

Payment method by cash or bank transfer. 
BSB – 083 297 Acc no. – 447531158 
(please put surname as reference)

Club Rules

 1. All members are to act in an orderly and respectful manner at all Club activities.

 2. Members must dispose of litter and their dog’s droppings in appropriately placed receptacles.

 3. Members must ensure that all flora and fauna are unharmed by members, their children and their dogs at any grounds used by and for Club activities.

 4. All members must comply with parking and speed limit regulations at grounds used for and by the Club.

 5. Dogs must be on lead at all times during Club activities unless under instruction in class.

 6. Bitches in season can attend all training sessions – handler to notify instructor on the day.

 7. Proposed new members are entitled to one free training session after which annual subscription should be paid in full.

 8. Members will wear their name tag in class or obtain a day pass from the office prior to commencing class.

 9. Any decision made by appointed judges at any Club competition or activity will be final.

10. Any member not complying with the rules of the Club can be dealt with under disciplinary process in the constitution.

11. Members are responsible for the actions of themselves, their dogs and their children when participating in Club activities.

12. Abuse of dogs will not be tolerated. 

Calendar Of Events 2023


Commencement of training5th February
Committee meeting12th February
Assessment day 5th March
General Meeting (after training)26th March
Assessment day30th April
Social Night6th May
Committee meeting7th May
Assessment day4th June
Committee meeting25th June
AGM (after training)9th July
Assessment day23rd July
Committee meeting30th July
Committee meeting27th August
Assessment day10th September
Committee meeting1st October
Assessment day15th October
Assessment day12th November
Committee meeting19th November
Break up day26th November



Electra Reserve, Electra Avenue, Ashwood

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